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It's hard to keep track of all the brushes, textures, pics, gradients, etc--so if you see that I've used one of yours, but you're not listed in the credits below, then please email me at michelle62998@livejournal.com so I can correct that error and give you your due props!

Graphic Brush/Texture Credits
funn_bunn_83, kalijean, miggy, ohpaintbrush, soporifical, xgOnewiththesin, __kali__, tragic_icons, azn_girl, saltsweetbitter, julia_thorne13, spiralling, hakanaidreams, creativekim, oxoniensis, meleada, bluebellflames, iconisms, slipbucketlove, starrbeam, propaganda_live, eightyfour__, ruuk, dragong, fantanagirl, kamino, silentemochick, braggadocio_org, candycrack, petitevanou, my_wonderful, artistbynight, fluffy_monster, paperdolldesign, graphicjunkie, dj43, adoralyna, flordeneu, chouchoune, anesthezea, radiosoundx, blanket_icons, orchestrachik89, saihara, colorfilter, fraken_stein, jubilli, gender, angel_elf_icons, 10000_pixels, lily_designs

Picture Credits
Jemps Caps, WireImage, Neptune High, Kristen Bell Online, JC Source, Cap-It, Kurt Halsey Art, Beautiful Brittany, The Orlando Bloom files, L-Lohan

Graphic Sites
1Greeneye Brushes, Ash and Manda Brushes, PureAnodyne Brushes, Sqidfingers Patters, DollMaker List, DaFONT, Brushes By Pange, Crazy Rose

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