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Welcome to Grafix'd Out, a personal graphics community owned & ran by Michelle. Here you will find a variety of different graphics ranging from icons to mood themes to wallpapers to headers to full layouts! I hope you like what you see and will come back again.
001. You must credit Michelle62998 or Grafix'd Out for any graphics taken and used from this community. If you do not know how to credit using keywords or by tagging your profile, go HERE.

002. DO NOT edit or alter any of the icons/graphics posted here, they are not bases.

003. Please comment whenever you take anything to use currently or for later use.

004. No hotlinking! Upload all graphics/icons to your own server. example: Photobucket

005. DO NOT redistribute any of the graphics or icons from this site elsewhere without permission.
All of the graphics posted in this community were created by Michelle62998.

Original profile layout code by Artsy Profiles and tweaked by Michelle62998.

Original layout code by SNUBBLY and tweaked by Michelle62998.

Looney Tunes mood theme by Michelle62998.

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